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Our project tools section provides valuable information on issues related to installation, removal, maintenance and much more. Below you will find a paragraph on the specific article in the project tools section, as well as a link to the full article. Check back periodically as we are adding to our project tools section each month.

Siding Cost Estimator – Simply fill in your specifics and find your ballpark pricing. There is a reason we say rough estimate and ballpark figures – there are so many factors that can change the cost. Let’s explore some of the factors that can affect pricing.

Vinyl Siding Calculator – Find ballpark pricing using this calculator based on type, size of project, budget and zip code.

Siding Pictures – Find pictures and photos of every type and style for your home.

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How To Measure Siding – There are several ways to figure out how to measure siding, with different degrees of accuracy. We will present all of the approaches and, using one or all, you will learn how to calculate siding square footage. Click for info on how to estimate siding costs.

Installation – When it comes installation, there are three main issues that homeowners should be concerned with. These include quality of product, overall cost and installer reputation. This article does not cover how to install the cladding itself, but instead focuses on finding the best product, cost and installer for your home.

How To Install Vinyl – If you have been searching for a guide on how to install siding, this is it. It can be fairly easy to install with a little knowledge and the right tools. Here are some basics that will show you how to install siding with ease.

How to Remove Siding – The process of removing exterior cladding is a relatively simple one, and most homeowners can tackle the job on their own. This is true whether you need to remove just one piece or if you need to remove all of the siding on your home.

Cleaning Vinyl Siding – Cleaning vinyl siding is a relatively simple and straight forward process. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why it is one of the most popular siding choices in the U.S.  are some simple steps on cleaning vinyl siding.

Warranty Information – These are often actually comprised of two separate warranties – a product warranty from the siding manufacturer and an installation warranty from the company responsible for installing the siding on your home.

Contracts – It is vital to insure that your rights are protected and the contractor delivers the work that is promised. Contracts will prevent you from legal troubles in the future and make sure you get you have paid for.

Interview Questions For Contractors – With a thorough list of interview questions for siding contractors, picking the right contractor should be a fairly simple process. Explore the 10 questions to find the best contractor for your job.

Siding Terms – When shopping for siding or talking to installers, do you find yourself inundated with a bunch of words and terms that are meaningless to you?  Understanding some basic terminology will make you a more informed and happy consumer.

Accessories – No siding replacement or installation project is complete without siding accessories to dress things up and finish up all the loose ends. Get to know Soffits, Fascia, Molding, Channels and the many other accessory terms.

Accessory Installation – Proper installation is important to maximize the life of your accessories. Find out more about how to install your favorite siding accessory.