Interview Questions For Siding Contractors

Planning out a set of interview questions for siding contractors can be a smart idea when starting a new project. With a thorough list of interview questions for siding contractors, picking the right contractor should be a fairly simple process. You can compare and contrast many different contractors in a short time span. Explore the 10 questions to find the best contractor for your job.

The Perfect Interview Questions For Siding Contractors

“Make sure you get all of the cost details when you interview the contractors. Clearly define who is responsible for overage costs, which unfortunately are fairly common. Make sure that the contractor knows that any cost over the bid price must be authorized by you before they can be implemented.”

10 Helpful Interview Questions For Siding Contractors

1. Contact Information
This should be the first question you ask any contractor. This gives you the number to contact the contractor back as well as the best time to contact them. You should also ask for their business license number. Once you have their contact information and business license number you can check their record with the Better Business Bureau. This gives valuably input to the track record of the contractor.

2. Licenses And Insurance For The Contractor
Any contractor that you consider needs to have the proper licenses and insurance to protect you and your property. They need to have at least vehicle and liability insurance, as well as workers compensation insurance. Make sure you know what will happen if there was to be a problem during your project.

3. Are They Capable Of Completing Your Project
While there are many important interview questions for siding contractors, one of the most important is whether or not they have the skills to handle your project. Make sure they have completed projects similar to yours before. Make sure they have the proper equipment and the manpower to handle the size of your project. Hiring a contractor that is either too large or too small can be costly both in time and money.

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4. Ask For Photos
One of the best ways to gauge whether or not a contractor is right for you is to view pictures of their past work. This will truly give insight into how professional their work truly is. Pictures of past works can show how much time and effort a contractor puts into their work. Viewing a picture of past projects that are similar to yours can show you what your final project may look like.

5. General Business Information
Other good interview questions for siding contractors are to get general information about their business. Find out things such as how long they have been in business, how many people they employ, and how many times per year the perform the work you are asking for. This helps you get a general feel for how experienced they are at their jobs.

6. Who Does Most Of The Work
It is important to know who exactly will be doing the work. You should know if there will be any subcontractors working on your project, and what their qualifications and experience are. If the contractor will not personally oversee the project, make sure you know how exactly the project will be managed. This could prevent you from being surprised with who is actually working on your project.

7. Time, Time And More Time
It is very important to make sure your time schedule and the contractor’s time schedule match. Ask questions like if the contractor will stay on the project full time, and how long they estimate the project will take. Also see what will happen if the project runs past the scheduled completion date. Some contractors will offer incentives for clients that decide quickly and sign a contract early. Incentives like this can save you lots of money in the long run.

8. How They Estimate The Costs
Each and every contractor will base estimates off different aspects. It is also important to know whether the estimate is a ballpark figure, or the real price to be finalized in a contract. It avoid possible increases in price it is best to get the estimate set in the contract, this will prevent unreasonable price increases. Make sure you get all of the details about the cost when you ask interview questions for siding contractors. Clearly define who is responsible for overage costs. Make sure that the contractor knows that any overages must be signed for by you before they can be authorized. Find out more on a vinyl siding cost estimate.

9. Price And Payment Schedule
Ascertain how much is due when signing the contract and how other payments will be handled throughout the project. Be wary of contractors that want the entire project cost up front. Normal contracts will stipulate somewhere around 50% down payment on signing. This will help cover some initial costs associated with the project.

10. Warranties
It is very important that one of your questions be whether they offer a vinyl siding warranty they offer with their services. It is important to know what to do if something goes wrong in the future. If there is a problem with your siding, you need to know who to contact. A good warranty is the sign of a good contractor, and of a quality manufacturing company.

Following the ten simple questions in this article will help you pick the best contractor for your project. While these question will help you pick the best contractor, just remember the gold rule. If you feel uncomfortable working with a certain contractor, do not work with them.