Siding Reviews

Browse all of our siding reviews pages — split between our top section on manufacturers and the lower section on different types and styles.. All of the opinions expressed are subjective in nature and should be taken as a matter of opinion only.

Contractor & Customer Siding Reviews


“I have installed Prodigy panels on probably 10 homes in the past few years. It looks real nice, has a thick foam insulation and is relatively easy to install. I especially like that it is available in the longer panels – 16′ which reduces the number or seams by a lot…”

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“I built my house in North Wisconsin over ten years ago and went with the fiber cement that looks like cedar wood. Recently sold it and the exterior looks fantastic – echoed by many neighors who have natural cedar and complain about having to stain every few years. I was impressed with the durability of the cladding…”

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“I put up Craneboard 7 on my home 2 1/2 years ago and I absolutely love it. It is about the highest grade vinyl you could buy at the time and cost roughly 5K less than Hardie fiber cement…”

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“We ordered Durabuilt for our house last year. I was happy with the materials, the quality was good and we haven’t had any problems. The installers were great, too. The only problem we had was the customer service. It took weeks for the siding to get here, and every time we called…”

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“We remodeled our house in early 2009 and went with the Mastic wood clading. We get lots of compliments from neighbors and friends who comment that it looks a lot better than the siding…”

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“It’s pretty nice, it looks good and we haven’t had any problems with it. I’d never heard of it before but our builder recommended it. He said it was one of his favorite styles and all of his clients had been happy so we went with it. I’ve heard that some people have shrinking issues but it’s been 3 years and we haven’t…”

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“About a year ago I had a Mitten product put on my house. I love the soft creamy color, and the seams are almost impossible to see. I don’t think that there is anything I don’t like about it. It made my house even more perfect! It’s so easy to clean, and I’m thinking about having a sunroom added on and I’ll definitely use it again…”

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“We used thier vinyl shake siding (hand-split) and after 10 years the product needs some serious work. We spent 10 months exchanging letters with their office. We will use a lighter color next time around, which several installers said tends to last longer – hopefully this is the case. I was disappointed by the fading issue with this product…”

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“in my opinion, Nichiha makes a better fiber cement. It’s more expensive but I have hung over 100 lap siding squares and prefer it to Hardie…”

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James Hardie

“I have done many installs of HardiPlank siding and haven’t had a problem with the product. I have been very impressed with Hardie Board – it’s possible that wind can get under it but it would have to be blowing very hard. So for high wind area…”

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Smart Siding

“I am a residentail home builder and have installed LP Smart Siding on probably 20 houses and have not had any issues so far. In fact, I have the Smart siding on my own home. You won’t be disappointed with it. Smart siding is engineered not to shrink…”

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“I’ve found the Variform vinyl to be subpar if put side by side against Mastic or CertainTeed. But I only hung their siding on two jobs — I think it was Timber Oaks…”

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Siding Reviews On Materials

Fiber Cement

“My wife and I remodeled our Dutch Colonial and orignially were going to use Hardie Plank fiber cement because of its popularity (at least in the Virginia area). I actually didn’t even realize that there were other brands…”

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Insulated Vinyl

“Insulated siding has its place. It’s more rigid so you can have a wider face, and a lot of people like that. It’s just about the only thing that can give the look of real cedar, because it stays flat and doesn’t curve like traditional vinyl…”

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