How to Remove Vinyl Siding

The process of how to remove vinyl siding is a relatively simple one, and most homeowners can tackle the job on their own. This is true whether you need to remove just one panel because it is damaged and needs to be replaced or if you need to remove all of the vinyl siding on your home.

“All you need is a couple of basic tools and some basic knowledge and you’ll know how to remove your vinyl siding quickly and easily. This means you can easily repair damaged panels on your own or can save money if you are looking to replace all of your siding.”

A Few Keys On How to Remove Vinyl Siding

Use A Zip Tool
This is an inexpensive tool specifically used to easily release the lock between pieces. Without this tool, you can damage the vinyl siding in the removal process.

Use Caution With Surrounding Pieces
You need to remove, or at least lift up, the siding above the piece you want to remove, so take care when you do this so you don’t cause damage to the piece that is remaining. If it has been up for awhile it can get brittle and will crack or chip easily, so the older the panels, the more care you may need to take to avoid further damage.

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How To Remove Vinyl Siding: The Tools You Need

Zip tool (very important!)

Hammer, flat bar or pry bar (to remove nails)

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The Process

(Note: This process assumes you are only replacing one or a few panels and not removing everything. If you are removing all of it, you do not have to follow some of the steps below to make it easier to replace a panel – just repeat the basic removal process until all the siding is off)

1. Determine which piece or pieces you want to take off and then find the edge of the piece above it because you will have to lift this up to remove the desired piece.

2. Use the zip tool to unlock the two panels or pieces from one another by sliding the tool under the edge of the siding piece above the one you want to remove. Then hook the zip tool into the locking edge of the above panel and slide it across the piece to fully unlock the two pieces. If you have trouble getting the zip tool in, you may have to search for a section of the siding that is a bit looser and then slide the tool in there and down to where you need it. If you can’t get the tool in at all because it is too tight, you may have to remove an extra piece of siding above that piece so you can access it more easily. If care is taken during the removal process, those pieces can easily be re-installed once you have replaced the damaged piece.

3. Once unlocked, gently lift up the panel above the one you want to remove. This will expose the hem that you want to take out. Draw a line along the top of the existing panel to make it easier to properly line up the new siding when it is installed. Then use a flat bar, pry bar or hammer to pull out the nails holding it in place. Read more on how to install vinyl siding.

4. Once all nails are removed, slide the piece of siding down to unlock it from the adjoining pieces and remove it. Mission accomplished!

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