How to Measure Siding | Calculate Siding Sq. Footage

There are several ways to figure out how to measure siding, with different degrees of accuracy. We will present all of the approaches and, using one or all, you will learn how to calculate siding square footage. Click to find a vinyl siding cost estimate.

How To Measure Siding The Easy Way

If you only need a ballpark figure, use this method — which is ridiculously easy.

A 1 to 1 ratio between square footage of home and exterior sq. feet of siding. So if your home is 1950 sq. ft., you would need 1950 sq. feet to completely reside your home. Make sure to include any detached portions of your home that you intend to reside, i.e. garages, granny flats, guest houses, barns, sheds. This method has an error variance of anywhere from 200 to 500 ft.

How To Measure For Siding For One Height Walls

1. Add the length of the 4 sides of your house.

So if your house measures 40 ft. by 30 ft. you would do 40 + 40 + 30 + 30 for a total of 140.

2. Multiply this number with the height of your walls.

So if the walls are 12 ft high you would do 140 X 12 for a total of 1680.

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Measure A Non-Rectanglular Home
1. Figure out the area (Length X Width) of each of the sides of your home.

2. Start with the largest rectangular are you can. Add the additional areas for the total of each side.

3. Do this with each side, making sure to jot down all of your numbers to avoid confusion.

Additional Tips On How To Measure Siding For A House
Most houses aren’t perfect rectangles so it can be confusing to get an accurate measure. Start by using the largest rectangle on each side and then add the additional areas to get the total area for each side.

When measuring, DO NOT subtract windows, doors or other cut outs which won’t get resided. You need to buy extra siding for errors when you cut boards, odd areas that need smaller pieces, etc.

If you have to measure difficult to reach parts of your home, use a good quality, regulation stepladder. Always use caution and use a tape measure to calculate high points so you don’t have to stand above the recommended ladder step.

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