Vinyl Siding Calculator

Our vinyl siding calculator to the right –> can help you estimate costs on your upcoming project. Simply enter your details, including type of siding, size of the project, overall budget level and zip code and click Calculate.

Vinyl Siding Calculator Basics

Select Your Material
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Selection Of Material
The most important consideration for a homeowner is the material they will use to side their home. Our vinyl siding calculator assumes the user is going with a vinyl product, although they can also select from Aluminum, Stucco, Stoneface, Brickface or Fiber Cement. The material you choose will have the biggest impact on the project’s overall price. Vinyl is going to be at the lower end of the scale, while stoneface and brickface projects will be the most expensive. Click to compare popular brands and vinyl siding prices.

Project Size
Size of project will obviously affect the pricing – most contractors charge by the square foot, although their psf price typically decreases as the square footage increases. Our vinyl siding calculator simply multiplies the material per foot price by the square footage and does not use a gradually decreasing multiplier. So for larger project, consumers can assume a slightly lower overall price than what our estimator comes up with.

Budget Selection
Choose from three different budget types; Economy, Mid Range and High End. Economy pricing assumes an entry level material and less expensive installation. Mid range assumes a standard quality material and install that is right in the middle of the pricing spectrum. High end assumes that a premium material and top-of-the-line installation.

Zip Code
Finally, users enter their zip code to account for pricing differences that exist in different regions and areas.

Vinyl Siding Calculator Pricing

Our vinyl siding calculator provides a general cost range only. There are many additional factors that a contractor has to use to provide a detailed price quote. These include degree of difficulty removing existing cladding, number of windows or obstructions they have to side around, whether the material needs to be stained or finished prior to installation, time of year for project, etc.

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