Vinyl Siding Colors

Vinyl siding colors used to be limited to a handful of lighter colors. Today, vinyl siding colors run the spectrum, from nice simple colors to robust and complex colors. This section provides users with a whole host of articles, company samples and swatches, as well as general information on all aspects of vinyl siding colors. Explore color information on shades, options and see examples from all the various manufacturers.

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Vinyl Siding Colors

guide to siding colors

Guide To Siding Colors – All the basic info you need to help you choose the best siding colors for your home. There are many considerations that should go into selecting siding colors, aside from simply going with a siding color that you like.

tips for selecting siding colors

Vinyl Siding Colors | Learn 7 Tips To Success – When it comes to vinyl siding, color selection goes a long way in setting the stage for the overall look of your home.  It is therefore worth taking the time to decide on the perfect color to complement your home and your own personal design tastes.

selecting the best siding colors

Selecting the Best Vinyl Siding Colors – Once you’ve decided that you want to install new vinyl siding on your home, you have lots of decision to make. You have to decide what type of siding you want, what the finish will look like, as well as what manufacturer and installer will best fit your needs.

vinyl siding color options

Vinyl Siding Color Options – Traditionally, vinyl siding has provided a fairly limited color palette for homeowners to choose from. Colors such as white, beige, tan and gray were the ones primarily used on homes. Today, it’s a whole new (and more colorful) world.

Manufacturer’s Vinyl Siding Colors

abtco siding colors

ABTCO Siding Colors – Their color selection varies by both product and material. Find each brand/line and the available options for each products – ColorGuard, Northern Star Insulated etc.

alside siding colors

Alcoa Siding Colors – Discover Alcoa color swatches and see each product line and the available colors. Be aware, Alcoa is now Mastic Home Exteriors.

alside siding colors

Alside Siding Colors – They have an extensive 52 page color guide and very nice interactive design layout to help consumers find a layout and color option that will work for them. In addition, they have 2 color collections, their Contemporary and Architectural Collection, as well as a Connect program that helps consumers match their existing siding to Alside products.

certainteed siding colors

CertainTeed Siding Colors – Explore color sample on all of their products and lines. See swatches for each product – please be aware that the actual selection may differ a bit according to your computer monitor and how it renders the swatches.

crane siding colors

Crane Siding Colors – View our Crane color section to explore all about Crane charts, combos and wheel.

georgia pacific vinyl siding colors

Georgia Pacific Vinyl Siding Colors – View color swatches of the available selections on all of their major brands and products.

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gentek siding colors

Gentek Siding Colors – Discover our Gentek siding color page and find out about Gentek samples, schemes and color combinations.

james hardie siding colors

James Hardie Siding Colors – They offer a selection of color choices that differ from other larger manufacturers. Most other companies have their specific products and the available color selections for that line. Hardie has 20 different options to choose from that are available for each of their products.

heartland siding colors

Heartland Siding Colors – Discover Heartland siding color page and check out Heartland  samples, schemes and color combinations.

kaycan siding colors

Kaycan Siding Colors – These are numerous and vary by product and material. We have listed the products and the corresponding color options available.

kp siding colors

KP Siding Colors – View our KP color section to explore all about  KP charts, combos and wheel.

LP SmartSide Colors – Check out the 12 unique color options for LP Smartside panels and trim.

mastic siding colors

Mastic Siding Colors – See our Mastic siding color page and find out see Mastic samples, schemes and color combinations.

mitten siding colors

Mitten Vinyl Siding Colors – Their color scheme will of course vary by both product and material. Below you will find each brand and the available colors. Scroll down to see each product for vinyl siding and the color options and/or combinations.

napco siding colors

Napco Siding Colors – View our Napco color section to explore all about Napco charts, combos and wheel.

Norandex Siding Colors – Discover Norandex siding color page and find out about Norandex samples, schemes and color combinations.

Nailite Siding Colors – View our Nailite color section to explore all about Nailite charts, combos and wheel.

Owens Corning Siding Colors –  Discover Owens Corning siding color page and find out about Owens Corning samples, schemes and color combinations.

RMC Siding Colors – View our RMC color section to explore all about RMC charts, combos and wheel.

Rollex Siding Colors – Discover  Rollex siding color page and find out which Rollex samples, schemes and color combinations.

Royal Siding Colors – View our Royal color section to explore all about  Royal charts, combos and wheel.

Variform Siding Colors – Browse the color choices for all of the options from Variform.

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vytec siding colors

Vytec Siding Colors – Discover  Vytec siding color page and see Vytec samples, schemes and color combinations.

Wolverine Siding Colors – View our Wolverine color section to explore all about Wolverine charts, combos and wheel.

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