Vinyl Siding Color Options

Traditionally, vinyl siding color options were fairly limited for homeowners to choose from. Vinyl siding color options such as white, beige, tan and gray were the ones primarily used on homes, and even though darker colors were available, homeowners feared that their color would fade from the sun. The reputation vinyl siding manufacturers had of offering limited and “standard” colors is now changing due to the advancement of technology and the new materials being used to manufacture vinyl siding products.

“Vinyl siding products are now offered in an array of color options, including rich, darker colors, and homeowners can feel confident that their new darker vinyl siding will withstand the effects of the sun and other natural elements while providing a beautiful addition to a home’s exterior.”

Vinyl Siding Color Options: Composition

Typically, older vinyl siding color options were manufactured using polyvinyl chloride. This material was prone to fading and is one of the primary reasons that many owners did not choose darker vinyl siding for their home, even if colors were available. Newer technology has resulted in vinyl siding products that are now made with an acrylic material called “solarkote”, as well as other newer and more advanced materials, and these materials can effectively stand up to the damaging effects of the sun so that darker colored siding is now fade resistant and will maintain its look for many years.

Vinyl Siding Color Options

Light color siding has long been a stand-by for homeowners when choosing an exterior finish for their home. Colors such as white, beige, tan, and gray were chosen because they brightened up a home’s exterior, were low maintenance and resisted fading. Although light colored vinyl siding is still a very popular exterior siding option for homeowners, darker colored siding is gaining in popularity in recent years. This is in part due to the new technology used to create vinyl siding so that darker colors will not fade, and is also due to the extensive options that the newer color palettes offer.

Dark colored siding in tones such as blues and browns are increasingly being used on homes to add a rich, warm color palette to the home, and are also used often in combination with other exterior home materials, such as stone or brick to add visual interest. Vinyl siding products can now be found in a selection of colors including the typical lighter colors such as white, cream, tan, and gray, as well as richer, darker colors such as blue, green, brown, granite, yellow, clay and maple. Within these color families, there are a variety of color variations among manufacturers and products, so the availability of color choices is fairly extensive.

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Royal Siding Colors
Royal Building Products are manufactured using Luran®’s benchmark color-fast engineering process as well as Royalside’s Compound and Duratechnology process. The combination of these two advanced technologies results in a product that is strong, durable and fade-resistant, while also offering rich, dark color choices in addition to the traditional lighter ones. See more on Royal vinyl siding.

Norman Rockwell Vinyl Siding Colors
Norman Rockwell Vinyl Siding is known for its rich, deep color palette. The colors available in this line of siding are inspired by the illustrations of Norman Rockwell himself – colors that themselves depicted the American dream. Fade resistant color options in this line include deep, warm colors like Barn Red, Forest Green and Mahogany.

Alcoa Siding Colors
Alcoa offers a line of vinyl siding products called “Dreamcolor.” Alcoa offers over 700 colors so homeowners can choose almost any color or shade they dream of to either match an existing color palette on the exterior of their home or to create an entirely new one. The complete palette of Alcoa’s colors is available on their website. Discover more on Alcoa siding.

Choosing Darker Vinyl Siding

New technology has opened up a wide variety of vinyl siding options, including a vast selection of darker color choices. This newer, more advanced, technology has also increased the lifespan of vinyl siding products and has made them more impact and fade resistant. There are still a few considerations you should keep in mind when selecting vinyl siding for your home.

Warranty Considerations
One important consideration when choosing a product for your home is the vinyl siding warranty that is offered. Most manufacturers of vinyl siding products offer some type of warranty on their products. It is best to compare the warranties among manufacturers and products to ensure that you get the best available warranty on your product. While the technology used to create darker vinyl siding options has come a long way, knowing you have a solid warranty to stand behind the product you purchase will give you peace of mind that the product will hold up to the elements as depicted by the company.

Get A Product Sample
Another important element to consider when choosing siding, especially with darker color choices, is to make sure you get a sample of the product so you can see the exact color you are choosing. Many vinyl siding manufacturers display their entire color palette either online on a website or in a brochure and it may be difficult to gauge the exact color in that way due to the resolution of a computer screen or the lighting. It is best to request an actual sample product from the manufacturer before choosing a color. By having a decent sized sample of the siding (it should be at least 6 inches or more), you can more accurately determine how the color will look on your home based on the lighting you receive at various locations around your home and any possible contrasting colors around your home. This is the best way to choose a vinyl siding color that you will be happy with over the course of many years.

New Color Technology
Newer and more advanced technologies have improved the durability, fade resistance, and color selection of vinyl siding products in recent years. Newer vinyl siding is even easier to install than older products. While this new technology has introduced a better product into the marketplace overall, it is still best to do your research to determine the best vinyl siding choice for your home. Choosing which vinyl siding product to use should be based on the color you are seeking, as well as the application you are using it for, the weather conditions it will be exposed to and the quality of the vinyl manufacturer. With a little research, you can create a beautiful exterior to your home with a rich color palette of vinyl siding options that will require little work in order to maintain that beauty for many years.

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