James Hardie Siding Colors

James Hardie siding colors offers a selection of color choices that differ from other larger siding manufacturers. Most other companies have their specific products and the available color selections for that line. Hardie has 20 different colors to choose from that are available for each of their products. Scroll down to view their different color options and view a swatch of each selection.

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Basics Of James Hardie Siding Colors

The company uses what they call ColorPlusĀ® technology that essentially bakes the pigment into their fiber cement siding. According to their website they are the only company that controls their product from initial fiber cement siding creation to the painting process in a single facility. Their process for adding the color to the boards was carefully developed and they claim the final product is more fade resistant and durable than other vinyl siding. The James Hardie siding warranty covers paint and labor for 15 years.

More On James Hardie Siding Colors

The company definitely strives to achieve color accuracy – that is to have each board look exact in color pigmentation to one another in that same color. They use a variance program that they claim is three times more strict than store bought paint and uses higher standards than the car industry. They apply multiple coats of paint to their boards that they say is up to 50% greater amont of paint than what would be used by siding contractors on the job. Of course, this is a tough claim to back up.

View James Hardie Siding Colors

Available selections include: Alpine Frost, Autumn Tan, Arctic White, Boothbay Blue, Countryland Red, Cobble Stone, Evening Blue, Harris Cream, Frosted Green, Heathered Moss, Khaki Brown, Iron Gray, Light Mist, Mountain Sage, Monterey Taupe, Soft Green, Navajo Beige, Timber Bark and Woodland Cream.

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