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Our vinyl siding manufacturers section provides valuable information and articles on all the major producers of siding and other forms of home cladding. Read the short excerpt below and for much more detailed information on vinyl siding manufacturers, simply click on the appropriate link.

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Quality Local Siding Companies

ABTCO – Their product lines are manufactured by one of the largest building material manufacturers in the U.S. – KP® Building Products. Discover their products, prices, colors and warranty information.

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Alcoa Vinyl Siding – Alcoa is one of the best-known manufactures of quality vinyl and aluminum cladding. The company offers many options to improve your home’s look with little maintenance. Alcoa products are known for their durability and efficiency.

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Alside Siding – They offer 13 products and 2 color collections to provide a host of options for homeowners. The company has been in existence since 1947 and offers products to fit a range of budgets, style and conditions. They also offer a steel siding, shakes, soffits, trim pieces and accessories.

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Associated Materials Vinyl Siding – For over 60 years, Associated Materials (AMI) has been an industry leader in the exterior cladding market. They offer a variety of vinyl, aluminum and steel options for residential and light commercial use, as well as soffit and trim accessories.

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CertainTeed Vinyl Siding – This is some of the most highly regarded siding products in the US. They are North America’s largest manufacturer of vinyl cladding. CertainTeed was founded in 1904 with the original purpose of manufacturing roofing products.

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Crane Vinyl Siding – In the business for over 50 years, Crane is known for durability and quality. Their products come with a solid warranty to guarantee good materials and workmanship that will keep your home looking good without showing excessive wear and tear.

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Georgia Pacific Vinyl Siding is manufactured by Ply Gem and prides itself on using sustainable building products. They have a substantial number of cladding products that are all available in a number of siding colors. Learn more about this company.

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Gentek Vinyl Siding – These are well made products that is available in seven different product lines, including Sequoia Select, Sequoia Select Extended Length, Signature Select, Berkshire Beaded Centennial Beaded, Aurora and Concord.

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Heartland – A solid choice for homeowners looking to install cladding to their homes. They provide beautiful options that give a high end architectural appeal, combined with advanced technology to make a quality durable product.

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James Hardie Siding – This company is considered the leader in fiber cement, having basically invented the technology. Today the Australian based company has many cladding products that sell very well across the world. Arguably, they have more name recognition that any cladding manufacturer in the world.

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Kaycan – They are headquartered in Winnipeg, Canda, although they have distributors in some 60 locations in the United States. They operate 10 plants that produce a huge quantity of products on a twenty four hour basis. They are a family owned company that has been manufacturing coil, aluminum and vinyl products for over 40 years.

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KP – It is hard to beat their selection and options. They carry a variety of different styles and colors in a selection of many lines of products. Explore their product lines, styles, costs, color and much more.

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LP Smartside – These panels are constructed out of aspen wood with a borate/zinc treatment that is applied to the boards with sealer and resin paper.

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Quality Local Siding Companies

Mastic Vinyl Siding – Mastic Home Exteriors has been offering customers a wide selection of innovative exterior cladding solutions for about 80 years and offers numerous other products to enhance homes’ exteriors, in addition to vinyl.

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Maxitile Siding – This is a brand of fiber cement that many homeowners are considering as a viable substitute to traditional vinyl. MAXITITLE has the warm look of natural wood, without the potential downsides and higher maintenance requirements. Discover whether this home cladding is worth a closer look.

Mitten Vinyl Siding – They offers 12 unique products that provide a variety of price points and styles to choose from. Discover the basics about this company that is headquartered in Brantford, Ontario, along with their prices, colors and product lines.

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Napco Siding – Formed in the early 1960s, the National Aluminum Products Company, or Napco, has been making products for decades. Years of experience have developed their products into solid, quality products that according to the company hold up well and look great. Their four main lines offer an option for most homeowners.

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Nichiha Siding – They are a manufacturer of fiber cement that focus on eco-friendly materials, authentic textures and clean crisp edges. The products and company are much less widely known than say James Hardie but is certainly beginning to make a name for itself in the industry.

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Norandex Vinyl Siding – Explore Norandex and discover their products, colors, prices and costs.

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Nailite Vinyl Siding – Explore Nailite and discover their products, colors, prices and costs.

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Owens Corning – Explore Owens Corning and discover their products, colors, prices and costs.

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Perfect Choice – Explore this company and discover their costs, products, product lines, colors, prices and much more.

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Reynolds – Find out more on this company and see many of their product lines, specs, cost, colors etc.

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RMC Vinyl Siding – Explore RMC and discover their products, colors, prices and costs.

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Rollex Siding – The Rollex Company has been offering innovative soffit systems and exterior products for commercial and residential use since the 1950s. At that time, Rollex was a relatively small company that manufactured moldings. Not anymore.

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Royal – Explore Royal and discover their products, colors, prices and costs.

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Sears Home – Explore this company and discover their costs, products, roduct lines, colors, prices and much more.

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Stucco Masters – Find out more on this company and see many of their product lines, specs, cost, colors etc.

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Quality Local Siding Companies

The Foundry – Explore this company and discover their costs, products, product lines, colors, prices and much more.

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Variform Siding – They is now owned by Ply Gem, which bought the company in 1986. They offer a large number of products (as well as aluminum accessories), almost exclusively sold through their distributors or to industry professionals such as builders, contractors and developers.

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Vytec – Vytec siding offers five main product lines, all of which are vinyl products, each of which is offered in unique profiles and combination of available colors. The company has been manufacturing since 1962 and maintains facilities in the U.S., Canda, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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Wolverine Siding – They have been an independent company for a number of years, before their recent merger with the construction company CertainTeed. They still provide the same quality Wolverine products in environmentally sustainable ways and focus on providing a quality, reliable product for their customers. Their brand is the perfect compromise of cost effectiveness, quality materials, and a strong company reputation.

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