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Nichiha Siding Review #1

In my opinion, Nichiha makes a better fiber cement siding than Crane or James Hardie. It’s more expensive but I have hung over 100 lap siding squares and prefer it to Hardie – there is an availability issue with it though; the only factory I know if is in Atlanta. The distribution on it is limited and the shipping can make it cost prohibitive for the west and northeast. If I were siding my house, this is what I would use.

Chase – Siding Contractor – from 2008

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Nichiha vs Hardie Plank

I don’t think I’d risk using a product that is so new to the market, given the issues that seem to take several years to show up on homes. For my money I would stick to Hardie Plank which has been installed on how many thousands of homes in the U.S. Sure, there are problems with a small portion of them but what percentage are installation based? Probably at least 90% or more. Go with a proven and less expensive product and make sure that you get a contractor who doesn’t cut corners, knows the Hardie product, is customer oriented and you are going to get a good looking fiber cement siding job on your house.

Ken – Consumer – from Ohio in 2010

Nichiha Prodcution Method

What I like about the Nichiha fiber cement siding is the way it’s made. Hardie and Certainteed lay down fibers, whereas Nichiha pours theirs into a solid mold, which (supposedly) means no delaminating at the edges with moisture. I also like the clip system and rainscreen systems. It is denser and looks better when you make your cuts (which I always paint).

They make a pre-finished product called Spectrum that has a 25-year warranty for the coating and lifetime on the product. They also make stone and brick panels but I didn’t like how they looked — I thought they looked too fake even at distance.

Dan – Siding Installer – from New Jersey 2006