Green Vinyl Siding

Green vinyl siding refers refers to the eco-friendly aspects of the vinyl siding industry, which there is a surprisingly strong case to be made. Let’s explore the green aspects of vinyl siding in more detail.

Little To No Waste

The biggest green aspect of vinyl siding installation is the fact that there is almost no wasted product. Unlike other siding products, there is no need to throw away any part of vinyl siding. Whereas when you use mortar, brick or other siding options, there are always left over waste that must be dealt with. Extra materials cannot be reused because most of the material has to be custom cut. With less waste produced, there is a smaller impact on the environment and less waste to fill local landfills.

No Painting, No Maintenance

While the installation of vinyl siding is quite simple, the maintenance is ever easier. Unlike other siding material such as fiber cement that must be periodically painted, sanded or resealed, green vinyl siding only needs to be washed with some water and soap. This is all that is needed to take care of your vinyl siding. Since it can be manufactured in a huge number of colors, there are still a ton of color options available to homeowners, from bold to white to natural tones.

Resistant And Durable

Vinyl siding is very resistant to wind, water, and chemicals that can degrade other siding products. This makes it one of the most durable siding products on the market. One of the best features of vinyl siding is the fact that it is not affected by mold, mildew, rot or insect damage. This alone means that your vinyl siding will last for years and years. Compare this to other types of materials that may cost more, and not last nearly as long.

30 Year Life Expectancy

Installation is governed by ASTM there is always a push to improve the way that vinyl siding is installed and manufactured. ASTM always pushes the vinyl siding industry to improve the durability of their products. Since there is always a push to improve the durably of green vinyl siding, the life expectancy of vinyl siding is about thirty years. This means that adding vinyl siding to your home is a great investment. With a 30 year life span, and generous warranties there is little need to replace it more than once.

Increased Color Options

There has also been a push to increase the different colors that are available to the consumer. Not only are there more colors to choose from, they are also created to last longer. There are around 350 different vinyl siding colors that are certified to retain their color for years and years. They are specially created to keep the color longer than other siding options. All these colors will resist fading due to sun, rain, and any other natural or manmade factor you can think of.

Recyclable Material

From the manufacturing process to the transportation and finally to the installation, there is a case to be made for the eco friendly nature of vinyl siding. It is also recyclable so once it is removed it can be reused to create another new batch of vinyl siding. Green vinyl siding is a great choice for anyone that wants a greener option to side their home. With the many colors that are available, there is no doubt that you will find one product that is perfect for your home.