Brick Siding

Brick siding can add a distinctive, natural and beautiful exterior to a home. Among its many attributes are great looks and durability. However, the installation cost can be high because it requires a strong frame to hold the considerable weight of the bricks. Discover whether this material is the right cladding choice for your home.

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Basics Of Brick Siding

Brick has been a viable cladding option for hundreds of years. It has a very distinctive look and is certainly a strong material. While it is a great option, it is in the mid to upper end of the cost range. Discover the many advantages and also the downsides to this distinct exterior cladding.

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Brick Siding Cost

Low End Pricing: $6 – $8 psf
This equates to $600 to $800 per square installed.

Mid Range Pricing: $8 – $11 psf
This equtes to $800 to $1,100 per square installed.

High End Pricing: $11 – $14 psf
This equates to $1,100 to $1,400 per square installed. Learn more on brick siding cost.

Traditional Look
For homeowners who like the look of brick, this siding makes for a beautiful exterior. It adds a natural and traditonal look to any home. Some homeowners even put a brick wall (or a faux or veneer) inside to add a distinctive look and architectural feature. Many homeowners love the textured look that brick brings to a home.

Many Options And Colors
There are many options and colors to chose from. The material is available in a flat tile, an interlocking style, panel, faux and imitation brick. Many manufacturers produce the tiles and panels using different and distinctive pigments that creates a large variety of colors. Manufacturers also produce numerous sizes to produce distinct configurations.

Low Maintenance
Brick siding requires very little maintenance. A few times a year it should be hosed off to clean the outside surface. In cold, wet climates it may be necessary to use a power washer in order to get moss or other materials off the surface. It does not need to be painted or treated – learn more on cleaning vinyl.

Lasts A Long Time
Brick siding lasts for a long time. With regular cleaning and proper maintenance (not much at all) brick can last for 40 years or more.


Relatively Expensive
Brick is expensive when compared to vinyl or engineered wood siding. The material itself is not too much more, but the installation tends to be pricey. The installation is slower, requiring additional labor costs. Homeowners on a budget might consider faux brick or brick veneer siding – the materials are less expensive and they weigh less and are easier to install.

Heavy Material
One of the reasons for the high price tag is the fact that brick is heavy a material. For certain homes, brick siding may require framing and/or sturctural work to get the home ready for the added weight that this material adds. This can be an expensive process.

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