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Nailite Roughsawn Cedar

We went with Nailite siding, specifically the Forest Green Roughsawn Cedar. The siding has been on for about 5 years now and I think it looks horrible. The color now looks rust or lime, not forest green. We are actually having to take this off, hopefully this is covered under the warranty. We will use a lighter color next time around, which several installers said tends to last longer – hopefully this is the case. I was disappointed by the fading issue with this product.

Jen – Homeowner – from 2008

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Customer Complaint

Stay away from Nailite if at all possible. We used thier vinyl shake siding (hand-split) and after 10 years the product needs some serious work. We spent 10 months exchanging letters with their office, mainly because they spend 6 week to answer any letter. Now they want us to send $10K (payment up front, payment made to an address located in a random state) to perform the work. All of this without a contract describing what will be done, no install date etc. The whole thing is weird. Chase – Homeowner – from 2005

Fading Take 1

I just spoke with Nailite’s warranty department about the fading on my split shake siding. The warranty covers 60% if the inspector deems that the problem is covered. It seems like a losing proposition for us. I can always paint it, but I was told I would never need to do this so it seems odd that I’d have to resort to this. When I finally talked to the field rep he was quite pleasant and said that they are always working to make improvements to their siding. (Read Crane Reviews.) He also said that what is available now has better UV protection but you can still expect some fading over time.

Jill – Homeowner – from 2005

Vinyl Cedar Siding Fading

Back in 2003, my wife and I used their vinyl cedar shake siding, which has faded tremendously over the years. It was covered with their warranty and we had it replaced in 2007. But the new siding has already faded and it’s been less than 18 months. This product is horrible, I recommend going with a more established company like Certainteed.

Bill – Homeowner – from 2008