Kaycan Siding Prices

Kaycan siding prices range from $175 to $520 per square for both the materials and installation. This pricing is on par with most other vinyl siding manufacturers. Discover many of their particular product costs and installation pricing.

Kaycan Siding Prices

The following product prices are what customers will pay if they walk into a Kaycan branch and buying vinyl siding themselves. Most siding contractors receive a lower price which they may or may not pass on the savings to you – this is just one of the many reasons why hiring a quality company is so important.


Product Prices: $0.75 psf
Timberlake will run approximately $75 per square (equal to 100 square feet).

Board and Batten

Product Cost: $0.95 psf
Their board and batten siding will run approximately $95 per sq.

Ocean Park Ultra

Product Pricing: $1.20 psf
Ocean Park Ultra, an insulated vinyl siding, will run approximately $120 per sq.

Da Vinci

Product Cost: $1.25 psf
Da Vinci (darker, bolder colors) will run approximately $125 per sq.

Richmond Ultra

Product Pricing: $1.90 psf
Richmond Ultra is also an insulated cladding that will run approximately $190 per sq.

Eagle Rock

Product Cost: $3.20 psf
Eagle Rock is a vinyl shingle siding that costs approximately $320 per sq.

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Kaycan Siding Prices

What does Kaycan siding cost? Kaycan siding will run $1.25 to $3.20 depending on the type of siding you go with. Installation will cost $1.00 to $2.00 per square foot for standard vinyl siding projects.

If an intricate design is involved or significant framing needs to be down to the walls, the price could be even higher. Explore more on siding installation cost.

Kaycan Siding Prices | Materials And Installation

Entry To Mid Level Kaycan Siding Prices: $1.75 – $3.00 psf
Homeowners can expect $175 to $300 per square for their entry to mid grade product installed.

Mid Range To High End Kaycan Siding Prices: $3.00 – $5.20 psf
Homeowners can expect $300 to $520 per square for their mid grade to high end product installed.

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