Alside Vinyl Siding

Alside vinyl siding offers 13 products and 2 color collections to provide a host of options for homeowners. Discover more on the basics, prices and a brief overview of their products. Read reviews of Alside here.

Basics Of Alside Vinyl Siding

Alside vinyl siding has been in existence since 1947 and offers 13 different vinyl siding products to fit a range of budgets, style and conditions. They also offer a steel siding, shakes, soffits, trim pieces and accessories. In addition, they offer two collections of their siding colors as well as a color matching system for homeowners to match with their existing cladding.

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Alside Vinyl Siding Prices

Alside prices range anywhere from $1.50 to $5.50 fully installed. Alside has numerous products and lines that obviously vary in price, from $.75 psf to $2.25 for vinyl shingles. Discover more on Alside siding costs.

Price Range: $1.50 to $5.50 installed

Alside Vinyl Siding Products


Description: An insulated vinyl siding up to 1.5″ thick that approaches a milled cedar lumber.
Profiles: 6″ and 7″ Clapboard, Double 5″ Dutch lap
Lengths: N/A
Thickness: .046″
Color Selection: 21 – see more on Alside siding colors.

Charter Oak Energy Elite

Description: An energy efficient matte finish or oak grain style.
Profiles: Double 4-1/2″Clapboard & Dutch Lap
Lengths: 12’1″
Thickness: .046″
Available Colors: 25

Charter Oak XXL

Description: A premium reinforced vinyl oak grain.
Profiles: Double 4-1/2″ Clapboard & Dutch lap
Thickness: .046″
Color Selection: 9

Charter Oak XL

Description: Alside’s premium vinyl siding.
Profiles: Double 4-1/2″ Dutch lap
Lengths: 12″, 16’8″
Thickness: .046″
Available Colors: 25

Charter Oak

Description: Their flagship siding product in a matte finish or oak grain.
Profiles: Double 4-1/2″ Clapboard Or Dutch lap
Thickness: .046″
Color Selection: 25 grain and 16 matte

Board & Batten

Description: Their board and batten vinyl siding with 5-1/2″ boards and 1-1/2″ battens.
Profiles: Single 7″ (5-1/2″ boards and 1-1/2″ batten)
Thickness: .050″
Available Colors: 12

Williamsport Colonial Beaded

Description: A beaded vinyl siding style.
Profiles: Single beaded
Thickness: .044″
Color Selection: 14

Cypress Creek Variegated Siding

Description: A solid performing clapboard cladding.
Profiles: Double 4″ & 5″Clapboard, Double 5″Dutch Lap
Lengths: 10′ 0″ & 12′ 6″
Thickness: .046″
Available Colors: 6

CenterLock Energy Choice

Description: An energy efficient choice.
Profiles: Double 4 1/2″ Clapboard & Double 4 1/2″ Dutch Lap
Lengths: 12′ 1″
Thickness: .044″
Color Selection: 14


Description: Provides enhanced panel rigidity that can handle winds up to 150 mph.
Profiles: Double 4-1/2″ Clapboard, Double 4-1/2″ Dutch lap
Thickness: .044″
Available Colors: 14

Odyssey Plus

Description: A premium siding with extra panel thickness and locking.
Profiles: Double 4″Clapboard, Double 4″ Dutch lap Double 5″ Clapboard Double 5″ Dutch lap
Thickness: .044″
Color Selection: 14


Description: Imitates the look of natural cedar siding in a textured grain or low-gloss finish.
Profiles: Double 4″Clapboard & Double 4″ & 5″ Dutch Lap , Triple 3″ Clapboard
Thickness: .042
Available Colors: 14


Description: Their entry level product.
Profiles: Double 4-1/2″ Clapboard & Dutch Lap
Thickness: .040″
Color Selection: 14