Cedar Shingle Siding

Cedar shingle siding has lots of great qualities as an exterior cladding, undoubtedly the biggest attraction for most homeowners is the beautiful and natural look of the cedar wood. Cedar shingle siding prices are right in the middle of the cost spectrum, ranging between $3.50 to $6.50 pdf installed – this is considerably less than standard vinyl boards.

cedar shingle siding

“Cedar wood is naturally a great insulator for a home. It can help homeowners reduce their energy bills over the life of the siding. If your cedar lasts 20 years, this can add up to quite a lot of savings!”

Basics Of Cedar Shingles

Cedar siding has a real charm, especially for those who appreciate the look of natural wood. Deep red cedar creates an amazing look for a home, whether the entire home is sided or if it used as an accent for a specific area. Cedar wood can add strong architectural details when used as rolling shingle corners, eyebrow dormers or as arched and/or sweeping buttresses. Perhaps the best feature is that it looks great on any number of styles of homes, including craftsmen, victorian, colonial, modern and contemporary. It is available in either a staggered shingle or straight shingle options.

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Cedar Shingle Siding Prices

Entry/Mid Range Price: $3.50 – $5.00 psf
Homeowners will pay between $350 to $500 per square installed.

Mid To High End Price: $5.00 – $6.50 psf
Homeowners will pay between $500 to $650 per square installed. Discover more on cedar shingle siding cost.

Benefits Of Cedar Shingle Siding

Natural Material

Red cedar has a very nautral, rustic look that is popular in rural areas, although it can look fantastic in the city as well. The natural look of real wood siding is especially important for purists who place a premium on using natural products. This is made evident when seen side by side against say vinyl. There is no substitute for the real thing.

Great Insulator

Wood is naturally a great insulator for a home. Cedar wood is no different. The result is an exterior cladding that help keeps the heat in during the winter and the heat out during the summer. This helps homeowners and reduces energy bills over the life of the cladding. If your cedar shingle siding lasts 20 years, this can add up to quite a lot of savings!

Green Building Material

Wood is a renewal material and is therefore rightly considered “green.” In addition to the reduction in heating and cooling costs discussed above, proper installation practices can help to reduce waste and lessen the carbon footprint needed to side a house. Unused cedar shingle scraps can be shredded to help out garden beds or to use in the fire to heat the home. Cedar shingles that are properly installed and cared for can last up to 30 years and this means less replacement is needed. This equates to less consumption of cladding materials and all of the necessary waste that comes with a project such as this.


Maintenance Requirements

Cedar shingles requires maintenance to protect it from insects, warping and rotting. All three of these can severely impair the lifespace of the cladding and make its appearance look shabbby and detract from the overall appearance of a home. Homeowners therefore need to stain the cedar at least once every 5 years. In addition, the siding should be hosed off at least every six months. Never use a power hose or washer as it can damage the wood.

Treatment Requirements

Cedar shingles are typically treated for installation, but will need to be re-treated every 4 to 7 years depending on how severe the weather and conditions. Often, a bleaching oil is applied prior to installation that protects it from decat and fungus, However, this can affect how the cedar looks, making it look like a creosote treated wood (much darker). Ask your contractor what they recommend to keep the look of real red cedar, while still protecting it from the elements.