Vytec Siding | Explore Their Products, Prices & Warranty

Vytec siding offers five main product lines, all of which are vinyl products, each of which is offered in unique profiles and combination of available vytec siding colors. Explore their products, prices, warranty and more.

Basics Of Vytec Siding

Vytec siding has been manufacturing vinyl siding products since 1962. All of the company’s products meet or exceed the standards set out by both the Vinyl Siding Institute and the Underwriter’s Laboratories. The company maintains facilities in the U.S., Canda, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In 1997, the company was sold to Ownes Corning and in 2007 they join Saint-Gobain, which also owns CertainTeed Vinyl Siding.

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Vytec Siding Prices

Cost Range: $1.50 to $5.50 psf installed

Vytec siding is a typical product and falls within the normal range of prices. Expect entry level to mid quality to run from $1.50 to $3.50 psf installed. Expect mid to premium price projects to run from $3.50 to $5.50 psf installed. Learn more on the average cost of vinyl siding.

Vytec Siding Products


Description: This vinyl shake siding offers great styling and the rustic look of shakes without the need for maintenance. These resemble real cedar shakes and use random patterns and gaps to better hide the seams.
Profiles: Single 7″ profile available.
Color Options: Redwood, Harbour, Forest, Shoreline, Spring Meadow, Autumn Leaf, Canyon Ridge, Twilight Gray, Southwestern Sand, Castle Stone, White and Sierra Brown.


Description: Their entry level product that comes in a large number of colors with a roll over nail hem to help smooth any irregularities in walls.
Profiles: Double 4.5 & 5 Dutchlap, 4.5 Traditional
Color Options: Redwood, Forest, Harbour, Shoreline, Smokestone, Clipper Gray, Twilight Gray, Tundra Moss, Southwestern Sand, Sierra Brown, Lakeshore Blue, White, Desert, Autumn Leaf, Irish Linen, Spring Meadow, Country Almond, Castle Stone, Antique Ivory, Canyon Ridge and Autumn Ash.

Proside LG

Description: This is their premium product that offers a warm wood siding with more color options than any of their other product. There are many soffit and trim options for a complete residing project.
Profiles: Double 4.5 Dutchlap, 4 & 4.5 Traditional, Single 8 Bevel
Color Options: White, Antique Ivory, Irish Linen, Country Almond, Sierra Brown, Desert, Terra Clay, Autumn Ash, Estate Gray, Storm, Clipper Gray, Sage Green, and Horizon Blue.


Description: A vinyl product with a wood grain finish that resembles painted cedar siding that is durable and available in a large selection of colors. Profiles: Double 4.5 & 5 Dutchlap, 4.5 Traditional
Color Options: White, Antique Ivory, Irish Linen, Country Almond, Sierra Brown, Terra Clay, Autumn Ash, Estate Gray, Clipper Gray, Sage Green, Sandalwood and Storm.

Warranty Information

Their vinyl siding warranty is pretty straight forward (which is always nice to see) and covers the original homeowner from manufacturing defects for a product that is properly installed. Defects include excessive fading (4 Hunter units over the first 10 years — this portion of the warranty is non transferable), blistering, flaking or undue corrosion. The company will either repair or replace the siding or will pay for the vinyl siding cost plus price of installation – for original owner as long as they own the home.

For businesses, the warranty lasts 50 years and is based on a schedule that is frankly pretty bad — after the 14th year until the 50th year the company will only cover 10% of the price of the siding and install. This same schedule applies to any transfer to another homeowner.

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