Rollex Siding And Soffits

For over 60 years, the Rollex Company has been offering Rollex siding and soffits for commercial and residential use. Quaility Rollex siding and soffits have been manufactured since the 1950s. At that time, Rollex was a relatively small company that manufactured moldings used for home exteriors, as well as kitchen and bathrooms. These moldings were made from aluminum and metal.

Rollex Siding And Soffit Systems

By the end of the decade, the company had ventured into exterior soffit products and had introduced a revolutionary system that would leave its mark on the building industry, named the V-Alum. Rollex created a modular aluminum soffit system with a difference. It was pre-finished, and to make things even better, the finish was maintenance-free. It was also beveled along the edges and could accommodate all types and sizes of overhangs.

That was just the beginning of how Rollex would transform the exterior home products market. The company continued to offer innovative products that were attractive, durable, maintenance-free and easy to install over the years.

One such innovation is their Mark II soffit system. These are pre-cut panels that can fit any sized soffit opening. They require no on-site cutting and are a useful product for those engaged in new construction of buildings and homes.

Another well-received product offered by Rollex is their System 3 Soffit. These soffit panels easily accomodate soffit openings and depths of varying sizes. They offer many aesthetic options as well – including over 24 colors and a choice of either vented or solid soffit panels. The flexibility that this soffit system offers has made it a winner in the new construction business, and is why this product is used in millions of homes nationwide. To this day, it is still the best selling soffit system that Rollex offers.

Rollex’s soffit systems provide the perfect way to protect your attic and your home all year long. They offer long ventilation slots, improving air circulation compared to some other soffit systems. They allow you to control how much ventilation your attic needs by installing both vented and solid panels. This helps to keep your attic cooler in the heat of the summer, and also keeps moisture out year round. The rigid aluminum panels of the popular System 3 soffits are flexible enough to be easily installed and include deep channels to keep them secure. They are also less prone to sagging than many vinyl soffits.

Rollex Siding Hits the Market in the 1980s

It wasn’t until the 1980’s that Rollex ventured into the siding business. They created a line of aluminum siding that was then followed by a line of siding products made from steel. Their steel siding is among the most durable of siding options currently available, while maintaining its beauty as well. The heavy duty steel has an oven-fused PVC finish that ensures that colors won’t fade and that makes the product more resistant to scratches and dents. It is attractive as it is strong.

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Rollex Siding Cares About the Environment

One aspect of Rollex’s business that sets them apart from their competitors is their commitment to the environment. They use renewable resources whenever possible. They focus on the effect on the environment at all times, from the makeup of the products through their entire manufacturing process. Their products and manufacturing processes are designed to reduce the amount of waste created, both during fabrication and installation. The coatings on their products are environmentally friendly, while still resisting fading and stains. Their steel siding products are 100% recyclable, and the company recycles millions of pounds of steel annually.

Rollex Focuses on Quality

Another reason for Rollex’s popularity is their quality. They are able to maintain a high level of quality since nothing is outsourced. Every product is manufactured and stored at their self-contained facilities, which are located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. From the initial fabrication, through to painting, finishing, packing and storing, Rollex uses automated state-of-the-art processes with a focus on quality. The company is also committed to customer service, making sure that their products arrive on time to their destination and get there in good condition. This, combined with a commitment to using high quality and renewable resources, defines their business.

Rollex offers a wide selection of soffit and siding products, so you can find a product to best meet your building needs. Products are offered in a selection of colors, from traditional to contemporary hues, and should work well with just about any style of home. The siding and soffit products offered by Rollex are practically maintenance-free and durable. And as a testament to their quality, they are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.