Heartland Vinyl Siding

Heartland vinyl siding is a solid choice for homeowners looking to install vinyl siding or any exterior cladding to their homes. They offer solutions that offer all the features you are looking for including durability, easy maintenance, beautiful appearance, all at reasonable costs.

“Vinyl has been around for decades as an affordable and durable type of siding. But just recently have companies such has Heartland developed ways to make it a beautifully designed and architecturally rich style of siding. Choosing vinyl siding means you get durability and reasonable costs, without having to compromise on quality.”

Heartland Vinyl Siding Technology

Heartland vinyl siding uses innovative technology and materials to create quality vinyl siding products. Their process for making the siding ensures that the vinyl siding will look great, and work flawlessly when it is installed on the exterior of your home.

Unique Features Of Heartland Vinyl Siding

Super Polymer Technologies: Heartland vinyl siding uses a specially formulated polymer to resist cracking, fading, and other types of wear and tear that vinyl siding would typically undergo. The polymer material is blended using a computer controlled system, to ensure that the polymer materials are mixed to the proper specifications. This equates to durable, long lasting siding that has consistent quality and color throughout.

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Won’t Fade Or Dent
The different lines of Heartland vinyl siding use this advanced polymer technology to make a durable, weather resistant cladding. Your siding won’t fade, warp, or dent for the many years it is on your home, so it will be just as good as the day you bought it.

Tri Pigment Reflective Technologies
One of the biggest problems that used to plague vinyl siding was fading. Over time, the sun’s UV rays would cause the colors to fade. The areas exposed to the most sun would fade more than the rest of the home, so the color could wind up looking drab and uneven. The tri pigment reflective technology is a special formulation to help prevent fading, with a color saturated formula that will not fade over time.

Heartland vinyl siding uses computer assisted technology to regulate the siding colors, ensuring, consistent, even, and thorough coloring. The reflective technology reflects damaging infrared and ultra violet rays away from the home, so the vinyl siding is less prone to fading.

Weather Barrier Shield
All different types of weather can negatively affect the durability of your new cladding. Heartland vinyl siding is built to withstand any kind of weather. The other features help to make the siding less likely to expand and contract with extreme temperatures, which helps prevent your vinyl siding from cracking. It is important for your vinyl siding to be durable and low maintenance, to get the most out of the money you spend on siding your home.

A Brand You Can Trust

Heartland vinyl siding provides beautiful siding options that give a high end architectural appeal, combined with advanced technology to make a quality durable product. They are one of the leading manufacturers and offer excellent customer service and siding warranty options.

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