Hardie Board Siding Costs & Prices

Hardie board siding costs ranges from $5.00 to $10.00 for materials and professional installation. Hardie board, or HardiPlank (the official product name), is the most popular fiber cement product. Discover the cost breakdowns for materials and installation, as well as actual customer costs.

“Hardie Board siding cost per square foot range from $5 to $10 installed. The reason for the large price range is due to the fact that materials and installation requirements vary so much from project to project.”

Hardie Board Siding Cost (Materials Only)

Cost Of HardiPlank: $1.00 – $1.50 psf
Although this is the per square foot price, most fiber cement products are sold by the panel. 16 pieces of 8.25″ panels would cover 1 square or 100 square feet. Admittedly, this can be confusing when you look at the breakdowns for the first time – that us why seeing the per square foot price is a bit easier, especially considering that many contractors bid out projeects on a per square basis.

Additional Materials: $2.00 – $2.50 psf
Siding projects involve numerous materials, including nails, housewrap, fascia, soffit, trim pieces, mounting blocks, starting courses etc. Some projects will involve all of these and some basic projects will involve less. This is one reason why there can be such big differences in bids from one project to another.

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Hardie Board Siding Cost

Installation: $2.00 – $6.00 psf

Homeowners can expect Hardiplank installation prices to range from $2.00 to $6.00 per square foot. Factors that will affect the per square foot Hardiplank pricing include the size of the project, the removal of existing cladding, the number of cuts that need to be made and how complex the homeowner’s plans are for trim, soffit, fascia etc.

Total Hardie Board Siding Cost

Entry To Mid Level: $5.00 – $7.50 psf
For a project that involves 20 squares of material, the cost would be anywhere from $10,000 – $15,000 installed.

Mid To High End: $7.50 – $10.00 psf
For a project that involves 20 squares of material, the cost would be anywhere from $15,000 – $20,000 installed.

Caution With DIY Installation

Unless you have considerable carpentry skills, it is best to leave installation to professional contractors. Hardiplank is heavy and demands additional labor to hold and put in place as compared to vinyl siding. It is difficult to cut the boards correctly, thus the need for a specialized cutting tool. The process is dusty and installing hardie boards incorrectly can result in mold issues in the sheathing, a problem that is expensive to fix.

Hardipanel Pricing From Actual Customers

Price: $22,000.00
Amount Of Siding: 25 squares
Price Per Square Foot: $8.80 psf
Location: Missouri
Project completed in 2011
Hired professional contractor who specialized in hardie plank installation.

Price: $4,000.00
Amount Of Siding: 13 squares
Price Per Square Foot: $3.07 psf
Location: Wisconsin
Project completed in 2010
Do it yourself installation (effectively no labor costs, the homeowner owned all of his tools, saws, etc.)

Price: $15,000.00
Amount Of Siding: 22 squares
Price Per Square Foot: $6.81 psf
Location: Raleigh, NC
Project completed in 2009.
Price included HardiPlanks, nails, housewrap, fascia, soffit, mounting blocks and labor.

Cost: $13,500.00
Amount Of Siding: 29 squares
Price Per Square Foot: $4.65 psf
Location: South Carolina
Project completed in 2009
Customer bought materials, tools, scaffolding etc. Locally hired labor (per hour)
Compare this price to contractor bids that started at $20,000

Cost: $28,000
Amount Of Siding: 25 squares
Price Per Square Foot: $11.20 psf
Location: Atlanta
Project completed in 2008
Included all materials and installation, plus 2 coats of paint on siding, removal of current siding, install on 4 pairs of shutters, some moulding work and 4 windows.

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