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Alcoa siding is made by Alcoa Home Exteriors, one of the better known vinyl manufacturers that focuses on vinyl and aluminum product lines. The company merged with Mastic in 1989 and the company offers many options and products related to home cladding. For additional information and unbiased opinions, see our Mastic siding reviews.

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Alcoa Siding Products

They offer a large array of product lines, including Quest 3, Carvedwood Series 2, and the Silhouette Classic. They offer a variety of types of siding across a range of price points.

Carvedwood 44
Description: Carvedwood 44 mirrors the look of real wood and is available in tons of design options.
Price: $4.60 per square foot
Thickness: .044″
Colors: Available in 23 colors, 5 profiles, 700 dreamcolor hues, 2 finishes (woodgrain and smooth)
Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

Description: Mastic’s most affordable siding product that is durable and dependable.
Prices: $4.50 per square foot
Thickness: .040″
Colors: Available in 13 colors
Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

Description: A good choice for a quality vinyl siding with very little maintenance required. Mastic says the product is both strong and durable, with lots of options and choices available.
Price: $4.75 per square foot
Thickness: .042″
Colors: Available in 20 colors

Structure EPS Vinyl Insulated Siding
Profile: Double 4″ Straight Wood Grain
Thickness: 0.046
Length: 12 ft panels
Backed with 1.25″ insulation

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Quest Signature
Description: This siding is made to look like real wood and can stand up to the elements — able to stand up to 240mph wind. A good option for locations that experience tornados. This product includes a thick nail hem for durability and can be ordered in longer panels to reduce the number of visible seams.
Profiles: Double 4″ Straight Wood Grain
Colors: 35 standard choices
Length: 12 ft panels
Price: $4.75
Thickness: .046″

Description: Quest is similar to Quest Signature but with the added bonus of
being considered a “green” siding option. In order to be considered green, a
siding must pass NAHB practice criteria.
Profiles: Double 4″ Straight Wood Grain
Colors: 35 standard choices
Length: 12 ft panels
Price: $4.85 per square foot
Thickness: .046″

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Cost Of Alcoa Vinyl Siding

Product Price Range: $2.00 – $3.50 per sq. ft.

Installation Cost: $1.00 – $2.00 per sq. ft.

Total Price Range: $3.00 – $5.50 per sq. ft.

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Benefits Of Alcoa Siding

Heat and Wind Resistance
First manufactured by Alcoa Home Exteriors, their siding resists high winds and weather conditions thanks to its Styrofoam insulation. It is easily installed, even over wood panels that often have heat loss. The Styrofoam insulation can decrease heat loss by 25%. In addition to reducing heat loss, it can withstand wind speeds of 160mph. In areas where there are strong winds, it can help reduce wind noise.

Noise Reduction
The insulation and construction can also reduce external noise. External noise and wind sound can be reduced by 50% with Alcoa vinyl siding.

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Wood Siding Look
If you enjoy the look of wood siding, you can achieve a wood look with less maintenance. Alcoa offers a lower cost alternative to cedar siding and can give your home a Cedarwood look without the cost and maintenance of real cedar.

Alcoa Siding Warranty

Alcoa offers a limited lifetime vinyl siding warrant. This covers many defects for the original owner of that house. The warranty also covers additional owners for up to 50 years after the date of installation. Be sure to read the warranty in its entirety to make sure you understand all of the exclusions to what is covered.

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