Vinyl Log Siding

Vinyl log siding allows you to get the look of real log siding without all of the trouble. You can remodel your home with vinyl log siding to get the log cabin look and you won’t have to deal with all of the problems that wood can have.

“Vinyl log siding allows you to get the look of real logs with a texture that is similar to a real wood grain, but without the maintenance issues of wood. It doesn’t quite have the character of log siding, but it does have a number of benefits that real wood does not.”

Basics Of Vinyl Log Siding

Vinyl log siding is made of a thin sheet of vinyl containing a foam backing that offers increased insulation. The foam adds important insulating abilities to the otherwise poor insulating factor of vinyl. This only differs from the traditional vinyl siding in its appearance. The main difference is that the vinyl is molded to look like the logs of a real log cabin. One of the benefits is how easy it is to install. This makes it the perfect option if you are remodeling your home and want to add the look of vinyl siding. You can even choose from a variety of paneling styles designed to imitate different types of wood grains, allowing you to get the look of pine, cedar, or the wood of your choice.

Vinyl Log Siding Cost

Low To Mid Range Cost: $4.50 – $5.50 per sq. ft.
Expect to pay b/n $450 to $550 for each siding square.

Mid To High End Pricing: $5.50 – $6.50 per sq. ft.
Expect to pay b/n $550 to $650 for each siding square. More on vinyl siding cost.

Benefits Of Vinyl Log Siding

Log cabin siding is only suitable for a narrow range of climates, but vinyl log siding can be used just about anywhere. It is virtually impervious to moisture and humid climates. It can even handle sunlight and extreme temperatures, although the vinyl may expand or contract with the change of temperatures.

Vinyl siding is known for being a durable material. It is thin and lightweight, yet manages to avoid the problems that traditional log or wood siding has. The vinyl log siding can be combined with a variety of types of insulation, as well as other types of backing to increase its strength.

Many Styles
Vinyl is a product that comes in many different styles. You can choose different shapes, textures, and finishes. You can have the panels painted to just about any vinyl siding colors. Vinyl log siding is just one of these options, allowing you to have a real wood look without the hassle. Complete the look by adding matching trim.

Easy To Install
Vinyl siding is also extremely easy to install. It is not necessarily so easy that you would want to do it yourself, but it is a quick and easy job for a contractor, that helps you save on your renovation costs.


Not As Authentic As The Real Thing
The look of vinyl siding has improved a lot through the years. But it will never achieve the look of actual logs. Many people are willing to compromise a bit in appearance in order to get the other benefits that vinyl offers. But others find that nothing can match the look of actual wood siding. Ultimately, the decision is a personal choice. If you would prefer the looks of real wood, look into real wood. But if you prefer the many benefits that vinyl log siding has to offer, it may be the better choice for you.

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