Vertical Wood Siding

Vertical wood siding is natural looking, beautiful and can protect your home from the elements for many years when properly installed and maintained. This cladding differs from lap siding, which is placed horizontally on a home, while this is hung vertically (thus the name). Vertical wood siding is available in many wood species, including spruce, pine, redwood and cedar.

vertical siding

Vertical Wood Siding Basics

Vertical wood siding is hung up and down instead of horizontally like lap or clapboard siding. It provides a unique look to standard horizontal panels. It can come from a variety of sources such as spruce, pine, redwood and cedar. Nearly all of the panels are treated before installation to protect the exterior cladding from insects, rotting and warping.

Vertical Wood Siding Cost

Material Costs: $2.25 to $5.50 psf

Installation Prices: $1.00 – $3.00 psf

Total Pricing: $3.25 to $8.00 psf

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Natural Looking
In general, wood siding has a nice natural look to it that many people insist on. It looks much more natural than vinyl panels and the slight imperfections in the boards make it more natural looking than composite wood siding or fiber cement (at least to a trained eye).

Creates The Illusion Of More Height
Vertical panels make a home look taller. This is a great feature to make a normal home look more stately and a shorter home look average height. Many homeowners really like this effect, which can create the look of a classic, stately home.

Beautiful To Look At
Vertical wood siding adds architectural value and external beauty to any home. Many homeowners love the look of up and down panels as opposed to traditional horizontal panels. It is much less common than horizontal panels and therefor adds a unique design element to a home. Vertical wood siding can effectively recreate the classic look of a house.

Can Combine Styles For Uniqueness
By utilizing various styles and features, vertical wood siding can add a unique look to a home. Perhaps using scallops on a top section and the up and down panels on the lower levels makes for a stunning visual effect.


Maintenance Costs
Vertical wood siding demands more maintenance than other exterior cladding such as vinyl siding. It must be painted periodically to keep the wood strong and safe from the elements. Wood is also susceptible to insects, although most siding is treated to prevent insect and termite damage.

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