Modulog Siding

Modulog siding is ideal for a rustic without the lengthy construction requirements. It provides an authentic cedar shingles look but is more convenient and easier to install. Since its creation in the 1980s, it has been a popular choice for both new construction and renovations.

“Modulog siding can turn a simple country home into a warm and inviting log cabin. The authentic look and modern convenience are a perfect combination.”

Modulog Siding Basics

Real wood log siding can be both expensive and time-consuming to build with. Modulog siding lets you have the appearance of a natural log home without the cost and time investment. It’s easy to place onto an existing structure, unlike real logs. Made from western cedar, it is a long lasting option that has a built in resistance to insects and decay.

Cost Of Modulog Siding

Range: $2.50 to $6.50 psf installed

Modulog siding prices will certainly vary in addition to cost for proper installation, which always varies from region to region, the primary difference in price is the home design. A house with many architectural features such as dormers or multiple levels will be more expensive than a simple frame house.

Advantages of Modulog Siding

Modulog siding is much easier to install than traditional log frames. It uses less wood and is lighter and easier to handle. Conventional logs are a part of the buildings structure and support, so they can’t be put onto an existing home. Modulog siding can easily be added without making major changes. More on installation.

Modulog siding is more durable than most natural wood siding. It combines the natural resistance of real cedar with the stability of manufactured cladding. It can be more expensive than simple woods but with care can outlast many other materials.

Disadvantages of Modulog Siding

Limited Options
Unlike other options, Modulog siding doesn’t offer many style or color options. They can also be much more expensive than some wood sidings.

Maintenance Of Modulog Siding

Modulog siding can look great for many years, but it does need a little help. Before installation it should be treated with a semi-transparent oil based stain. The treatment will need to be repeated every few years, depending on the amount of sunlight and moisture exposure.

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