Log Siding

If you want to do something different when you are designing the exterior of your home, consider traditional log siding. Log siding offers a truly authentic look that no other material can. Log homes are a beautiful fit for any secluded home and have the authentic look you just can’t get from vinyl log siding.

Log Siding Basics

Most people have abandoned basic building materials such as wood in favor of vinyl and other materials that are easy to take care of. But there is something to be said for real wood logs, and more than just their beautiful appearance. Wood is one of the best insulating materials, although it doesn’t come in a small or light package like modern foam. You can even have log siding installed over top of your current home exterior, making it ideal for both new construction and remodeling projects.

log siding

Log Siding Installation

It used to be difficult to make a home out of log siding when the entire round log was used. Modern techniques offer that traditional round look on the outside, with a flat side that adheres to a pre-existing exterior wall. This makes the installation process go much easier, and doubles the amount of siding you get from each log.

By using half logs, you can install log siding just as you would install a normal type of siding. They look just the same as a full log, but can be applied to the pre-existing exterior of your home. You also save money by using just half the raw materials.

Choosing A Material For Your Log Siding

The best part about the new materials is that it is still real wood, just like traditional logs. You can still choose the type of wood grain and texture you want, and stain or paint it as desired for a custom look. Typical wood choices are pine and cedar, because they are resistant to rot and bug infestation.

You can even add log siding that matches the rest of the wooden components of your home’s exterior. Ultimately, you can get the authentic rustic look, while saving time and money by using half logs.

Wood is one of the more eco-friendly material choices that you can choose for your home, but only if it is being used in a sustainable way. Wood is a renewable resource but it is still possible to use it faster than it can be replaced.

Log Siding Options

Thankfully there are eco-friendly options of log siding, such as Modulog siding. Modulog looks like a full wood log on the outside, but in reality it is only a slice of the wood, except at each end. This allows you to keep the overall look, while having the added advantage of using the rest of the wood for other purposes, making it an environmentally friendly choice.


Looks Great
The biggest reason you would choose log cabin siding is for its overall appearance. You simply cannot get a log cabin architectural look without the logs. These logs are the best way to give your home a rustic look.

Strong Insulator
Log siding is a very strong insulator, making it a good choice for your home, especially if it is a winter home or cabin. Combine log siding with other types of insulating materials and you will have a very energy efficient home.

Natural Material
Wood is also a truly natural material. When you choose the right type of wood it is a very eco friendly material, and easily renewed if you purchase the logs from a sustainable logging company.


You have to weigh the benefits of natural log siding against its cons. There are many more things to worry about with log siding, especially when compared to other types of siding such as vinyl.

Log siding requires a lot of maintenance, because wood is susceptible to problems such as water damage, mold, rot, and insect infestation. You must make sure that the exterior is always properly painted or stained and sealed to keep these problems away.

It is also an expensive material choice. Ultimately you have to decide for yourself whether these additional costs and concerns are worth the unmatched beauty and appearance of log siding.

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