Dutch Lap Siding

Dutch lap siding is an exterior horizontal cladding where the top panel sits slightly out from the panel underneath. This provides homes with a distinctive look and feel that many homeowners find attractive. This cladding has several benefits and is in the moderate range as far as cost is concerned. Click for additional information on dutch lap siding cost.

dutch lap siding

Dutch Lap Siding Basics

Dutch lap siding uses horizontal panels with a groove at the top of each panel that provides depth to the siding. This groove sits along the top edge of each panel and has two basic functions. One, it helps to increase the panel strength by attaching it to the panel next to it in almost an interlocking fashion. Two, it helps to make the wall look more uniform than they would with a clapboard.

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Dutch Lap Siding Cost

Entry To Mid Range Cost: $ to $
Homeowners should expect to pay $ to $ for each square of cladding.

Mid To High End Costs: $ to $
Homeowners should expect to pay $ to $ for each square of cladding.

Dutch Lap Siding Advantages

Distincitve Appearance
Dutch lap siding combines the clean appearance of standard siding with the depth and shadow that the beveled edge provides. The result is a crisp, rich and intriguing look that is all its own. Once you know what this siding looks like, you can spot it in a second.

Many Options Available
Due to its popularity, it is available in many different profiles from most of the major siding manufacturers.


Oftentimes, it tends to be a bit more expensive than other types and styles. The vinyl varieties are a bit more costly than the clapboard options and the same with wood or engineered wood. All in all, the slight increase in pricing is not enough to dissuade most consumers from the great look that DLS provides.

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