Board Siding

Board siding is an attractive alternative to traditional solid wood siding. Unlike other hardwood options, it is not formed from one piece of wood. The cladding is made from many small pieces of wood combined together. However, it is possible to get cladding that looks like wood, but is made from vinyl or other types of materials, which makes it much easier to maintain.

“The bottom line is that board cladding is an attractive choice for any homeowner. It allows you to add classic touch with modern materials. It is relatively inexpensive, and durable. It offers a great value if you are willing to do the proper maintenance every few years.”

Basics Of Board Siding

It is important to keep in mind that there are many options to choose from. There are several different styles you can purchase from the store; those treated with water repellent, untreated, primed, painted, and stained. If you already have an idea of a paint color it may be smart to purchase pre-painted wood siding. This will save time when it comes to vinyl siding installation.

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Board Siding Costs

Price Range: $2.00 – $4.00 psf installed

Expect to pay $2.00 – $4.00 per square foot installed. The material is commonly sold by the square foot, although many siding contractors bid out jobs per square – a square is equal to 100 ft.

Benefits Of Solid Board Siding

Easy To Find
Perhaps the biggest benefit is how easy it is to find on the market. The components of board cladding are readily available. Nearly every hardware store out there will carry some form or type in stock. Not only is it easy to get, but it is very easy to install.

Easy To Install
Board siding is also pretty straightforward when it comes to installation. It only requires a few simple tools and if you do choose to hire someone, it won’t cost a fortune in terms of labor.

Looks Great
Finally, it readily displays the natural beauty of the wood from which it is created. This is a great way to add a rustic feeling to your home while still retaining modern building materials. It can also be painted to match your home or the houses surrounding it.


Reseal It
While the material is quite durable, it does require periodic maintenance when it is made with wood. With the proper care and maintenance, your siding can last for about thirty years. The best thing you can do to protect it is to reseal it with a water repellant sealant every two years. This will prevent water from getting behind and rotting it from the inside out.

Repaint It
Besides resealing, it is also a good idea to repaint it every five to ten years. This will protect the outside surface from sun and weather damage. While repainting may be hard, it gives you the chance to change the outside color of your home. This can be an easy way to update the look of your home.

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