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Variform Siding Review

As far as Variform is concerned, I have not heard bad things about the company or product. Another contractor in the area used to use their products exclusively until the supply store in this area closed down, so obviously he no longer uses them. But it’s a decent product in my opinion and the company has been in business for a while – now owned by Ply Gem, along with Mastic and Napco. Eventually they will all be made out of the same factory so that will probably mean consistency in the product. Their “Preferred” panels are some of the best around.

Kenny – Contractor – from 2008

Variform Vinyl Siding Review

I had Variform on my house for less than I year when the colors began to take on white spots that are visible from the street. I called the vinyl siding contractor who handled the job and the called the company and a rep came out to inspect it – the rep was in awe at all of the dots of white on nearly every panel. He called the whole thing a “phenomenon” (I had a different word for it, but I held my tongue). The whole thing was a run around, he wouldn’t give me his name, just said he’d make some calls.

After several weeks, I finally heard back from the company in a letter saying the issue was not covered under the siding warranty. I thing the actual language was it was specifically excluded – so it leads me to believe that they know that white dots can happen to their product. I would STRONGLY advise against anyone buying this product, unless they want to be stuck in a house with spots. I’m very much at a loss for what to do now…

Julie – Homeowner – 2010

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Variform vs Alside Siding

I work for a company that has hung Variform siding and they seem to like it. The biggest issue for them was the lack of products around here. Personally, I’m not that familiar with any of their products. If I had to recommend anything it would be Alside, probably their Charter Oaks, along with the sofitts.

Dale – Industry Worker – 2007

Variform Siding vs CertainTeed

I’ve found the Variform to be subpar if put side by side against Mastic or CertainTeed vinyl siding. But I only hung their siding on two jobs — I think it was Timber Oaks, I just didn’t feel the quality matched up. Now that they are part of Ply Gem maybe that changes but I wouldn’t take the chance. If you are weighing the options, just make sure you can look at the Variform (or whatever product you consider) side-by-side with its competitors. That will tell you a lot right there, the weight, the finish, the look etc.

Manny – Contractor – 2010

Variform Siding Colors

I am currently building a home and using Variform’s Timber Oak. It is thicker than most of the profiles out there, with a 0.048 panel thickness. I like Variform’s colors, I think it comes in 8 options, much less boring than some of the other brands.

Jim – Builder – 2009