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Smart Siding Reviews

Smart Siding Reviews | #1

I am a residentail home builder and have installed LP Smart Siding on probably 20 houses and have not had any issues so far. In fact, I have it on my own home. You won’t be disappointed with it. Smart siding is engineered not to shrink. We use vertical 1″ x 4″ when possible to avoid butt joints. You still have to caulk all the joints, but the Smart siding looks better. It’s a good option for a home because of price (compare to wood, stone and brick – popular cladding where I live) and aesthetics (it looks so much better than vinyl, which can fade and leak).

Here’s a good test in you want to compare Smart Siding to Hardie Board — stick a panel of each in a bucket of water and let them site overnight. You’ll find the Hardy looks soggy because it will absorb water. The Smart Siding won’t absorb water — in fact, you could leave it in the bucket for a week and you could still use the panels. The Hardy warranty doesn’t cover the soffits or facia – the edges can take on water. Smart siding panels are available in 16″ long panels, while Hardie Board panels are 12′.

If you can’t tell yet, I’m not a huge fan of HardiPlank 🙂 Smart is easier to work and doesn’t crack or split if you nail close to the edge and it is easier to cut. It is also treated for rot and mildew.

My advice is to take a trip in your local area with some high end construction and talk to the builders and the guy who hang siding and ask what they think is the best for the climate and area.

Fred – Builder – from 2010

LP Smart Siding Reviews | #1

I like both the LP Smart Siding and Hardie Board as exterior cladding but I think that fiber cement (Hardie Board) lasts longer. Regardless which you go with, make sure your contractor follows the manufacturer specs on installation, very important espeically with fiber cement. Each brand uses very specific instructions on nailing which have to be followed precisely. If not, the panels won’t lay correctly on the house and eventually the panels can pull away from the house (if the nails go in too far for instance). As well, your installer needs to follow the instructions on caulking precisely for durability and longevity. Best of luck to you whatever you decide to go with.

Dan – Siding Installer – from 2008

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Additional Smart Siding Reviews

Smart Siding Reviews | #3

I have hung lots of James Hardie here in Iowa. I always use prime panels and make sure it has two coats of Super Paint from Sherman Williams. Jobs from 10 years ago still look brand new. I prefer Miratec for trim. the concrete stuff is junk to try and handle in a construction situation.

I’ve only done 1 OSB Smartside job and and it was easy enough to work with, but something didn’t feel right about using osb for siding. Time will tell.

Rick – Siding Expert – from 2010

Smart Siding Reviews | #4

I have been researching LP Siding and Hardi Plank for my 1 story ranch home here in Southern Oregon and this is what I’ve come up with so far. The LP Smart siding is a bit more expensive to buy, but a bit less expenisve to hang than the Hardie. Hardie Board comes with a 50 year guarantee – they claim they will replace it for 50 years if the product fail. Smart siding also offers a 50 year guarantee, however they also provide the cost of labor to replace for the first 5 years. The Hardie Board is much heavier and apparently is easier to crack than the Smart option.

Lisa – Homeowner – from 2011