MaxiTile Reviews

Before purchasing siding, MaxiTile reviews can help you determine if this is the right product for you. Read consumer and contractor opinions on this variation of engineered wood siding.

“MaxiTile reviews are like a snapshot of how others feel about this product. Reading a few can help you decide if you want to use it.”

MaxiTile Reviews

Product reviews come from home owners, siding contractors, dealers, and other industry insiders. Each reviewer has a unique perspective on MaxiTile and can offer their insights.

MaxiTile Reviews | #1

In 2009 I had MaxiTile’s wood-grained and staggered shake siding put on my house. It’s pretty nice, it looks good and we haven’t had any problems with it. I’d never heard of it before but our builder recommended it. He said it was one of his favorite vinyl siding styles and all of his clients had been happy so we went with it. I’ve heard that some people have shrinking issues but it’s been 3 years and we haven’t.

Erich – Consumer in Idaho – from 2012

MaxiTile Reviews | #2

I’ve seen several houses recently that had Smart Siding or Smartboard. These were all over 15 years old and they looked great. We were taking care of some unrelated issues in the neighborhood and I had to actually remove a section of siding from each. It was in really good shape, sturdy and not warped or anything.

Max – Contractor in Texas – from 2011

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MaxiTile Reviews | #3

I had a nightmare experience with these people. I thought it looked like a good product and we decided to try it, even though I hadn’t really heard of them before. The company had a list of recommended installers and we chose one of those. Within a few months the siding had noticeable shrinking, a,most 3/16″ at every seam. I called over and over to complain and kept getting the run around. All I wanted was someone to replace it. I wasn’t even asking for my money or anything, but it was horrible. I finally got someone who seemed like they wanted to help me and before my claim was finished they left the company.

It ended up taking over a year before I could get any kind of settlement at all. I had to pay for the replacement myself because they were taking so long and they wouldn’t reimburse me for the whole cost. I ended up losing $5500. I sure won’t use their siding again.

Steve – Consumer in Illinois – from 2010

MaxiTile Reviews | #4

I’ve been in this industry for a long time and I’ve heard a lot about shrinking siding. It isn’t just MaxiTile, it’s all fiber cement siding materials. I’ve installed a lot of different sidings and I’ve never had shrinkage, and it’s really quite simple. Like almost any other material, it’s going to swell when it gets wet. If it gets put on before it dries out it’s going to shrink. The material isn’t the problem. A contractor that knows what they’re doing isn’t going to put on wet siding.

Ben – Builder in Wyoming – from 2009