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Mastic Siding Reviews #1

Our contractor put on Mastic vinyl siding just over 3 years ago and within 12 months, the aluminum trim was fading in color. It went from a grey/taupe to a beige. Of course, we checked the vinyl siding warranty and it only covers fading on the vinyl itself, not the trim portion. We painted the trim and it just looks OK, but it seems like a subpar product or warranty. Not a very happy camper.

Janice – Homeowner in Fort Worth, TX – from 2011

Wood Siding Review

We remodeled our house in early 2009 and went with the Mastic wood siding. We get lots of compliments from neighbors and friends who comment that it looks a lot better than the cladding they have on their homes (which it does). It has held up well so far, even through some pretty severe ice storms that wreaked havoc on some of the other vinyl siding on the block. We have been pleased with Mastic and what our contractor had to say about the company and warranty etc. I would recommend the wood siding to anyone who asked my opinion.

Gary – Homeowner in Frankfort KY – from 2011

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Mastic Cedar Shake

My wife and I had Mastic Cedar Shakeinstalled about 4 years ago and it has really faded in color. There is definitely the chalking look to it and the joints and now exposed because it has shifted over time. I don’t recommend this siding, which at the time was one of the most expensive on the market.

Jim – Homeowner in Wisconsin – from 2009

A Durable Product

We’ve had ours up for 18 months and no issues with damage or fading. It cleans easily and seems quite durable. The dutch lap siding looks very elegant and the color is nice and rich. It was more expensive than most of the other products when we bought it but it seems worth it. I like the warranty that it won’t fade for at least 10 years. Overall, very satisfied.

Betty – Homeowner in Sturgis, MI from 2009

Nice Looking, Wanted More Durability

I like the Mastic product and feel it is very nice looking and it came in lots of color options. However, it was fairly expensive and I don’t think it’s as strong as I thought it would be. My lawnmover kicked out a rock and it broke one of the panels, which I had to have replaced. It was an easy enough process but I thought it was supposed to be stronger than that. I’d tell friends or family to get it, but I would first have them come over and see the strength of it for themselves before they bought it.

Jim – Homeowners in Kansas City, MO – from 2010