Durabuilt Siding Reviews

Durabuilt siding reviews can show you if other consumers have had any problems. Knowing what experiences others have had can help you to choose the the best vinyl siding and avoid problems.

Durabuilt Siding Reviews

Before making a buying vinyl siding, it’s a good idea to check out some product reviews. A little research can save you a lot of time and money.

Durabuilt Siding Reviews | #1

We ordered Durabuilt for our house last year. I was happy with the materials, the quality was good and we haven’t had any problems. The installers were great, too. The only problem we had was the customer service. It took weeks for the siding to get here, and every time we called we were told it would be here by the end of the week. When it did finally arrive, it was only part of what we had ordered and paid for. We got it all eventually but it was way too much of a hassle.

Drew – Consumer – West Virginia

Durabuilt Siding Reviews | #2

A couple of years ago I put DuraBuilt siding on my house. I’ve done a little bit of construction type stuff before but the installation was even easier than I thought it would be. As long as you read the directions and are careful with the starter strip, just about anyone can do it. The house looks great and has stood up to some pretty severe weather without problems. We also power wash every few months because we have a bad spot that doesn’t get any sun and we get some mildew there. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for vinyl siding.

Billy – Consumer – North Carolina

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Durabuilt Siding Reviews | #3

I’ve had this on my house for several years. It isn’t too bad, especially for a lower cost siding, but you definitely get what you pay for. I think that it gets little nicks and dings easily, from rocks and things from the lawn mower. It also gets really dirty with grass and dirt and it doesn’t clean as easy as some siding does. It’s inexpensive and holds up pretty well, so it’s a good deal for the price. I wouldn’t get it again today because I have a lot more money than I did then, but for someone on a tight budget it isn’t a bad choice.

Candy – Consumer – North Carolina

Durabuilt Siding Reviews | #4

We’ve had DuraBuilt on our house for 6 years now. I haven’t had any complaints, really. Shortly after we had it installed the lawn mower kicked up a big rock and put a hole in one of the panels, but it only took the guy a few minutes to fix it. We still have some extra siding left just in case but it hasn’t happened again. We’ve pressure washed a few times and there wasn’t any damage of loose strips, which I had worried about. A quick wash made it look like new again, and I was really impressed with how easily it turned white again. Even our Florida weather, with hurricane winds and everything, hasn’t managed to damage it. I would definitely get this again, and I’ve told a few friends to look at DuraBuilt when they were thinking about residing.

Jenna – Consumer – Florida

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