CertainTeed Siding Reviews

Our CertainTeed siding reviews are opinions from consumers, contractors and industry professionals. View opinions on their most popular products and find out whether they handle issues to customer satisfaction. While these are simply views from online forums and other online sources, but do represent the overall take on one of the most well known manufacturers. Explore more on Certainteed color options and see all available color swatches.

Certainteed Fiber Cement Shingles

I built my house in North Wisconsin over ten years ago and went with the fiber cement that looks like cedar shingles. Recently sold it and the exterior looks fantastic – echoed by many neighors who have natural cedar and complain about having to stain every few years. I was impressed with the durability. I will say that the installation, which I did myself, was difficult. The CertainTeed fiber cement required a very high quality chop saw with an expensive diamond blade, special nail gun etc. Once it was up though, I was glad I did it because I trust myself more than an installer, mainly because I know I care more about the quality than anyone ever could. Came with a 50 year warranty, I’m hoping not to need it.

Wally – Homeowner – from Wisconsin in 2010

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Unsatisfied Customer

We moved into our home three years again and had it completely resided with a lower grade CertainTeed product (not sure what it was called exactly). At first, it looked good but a hail storm rolled through and dented it all up. It really looks bad. I wouldn’t recommend this product to friends or family. I guess you get what you pay for and it was one of the “entry level” choices. On a positive note, it did come in tons of profiles and colors. If I was going to do it over, I’d use a better quality of siding and probably use a different brand as well.

Ron – Homeowner – in Minneapolis from 2009

CertainTeed Installation Requirements

We sided our shop with CertainTeed Cement Board and really like it. It’s difficult to work with until you get used to the cutting and nailing process. I found the material surprisingly brittle during installation so you have to be careful when handling it. A smooth installation is all about the equipment. I used a cement blade, a Dewalt miter saw, a Paslode nail gun and 2″ nails. I found that a slow steady approach insures the panels lay flat and straight. It’s important to hit the studs as you fasten the panels because if not the nail will go all the way through the panels. The stuff seems strong and looks good.

Minna – Homeowner – from Michigan in 2010

Certainteed vs HardieBoard

I’m a licensed contractor and I have worked with both CertainTeed and Hardie Plank for over 10 years. As far as the cedar woodgrain goes, I prefer the Certainteed weatherboards to the Hardie (and it’s about 15% less expensive). Having said that, I’m about the do fiber cement on my own house and will probably use the Hardie Board. Certainteed recently changed ingredients that the local rep said will reduce the amount of dust during the cutting and won’t be as hazardous for the installers. I’m all for improving safety but anytime there are changes to a product it takes some time for the wrinkles to get smoothed out. Plus, you don’t find out about the wrinkles for a couple of years. I’ve talked with other contractors who have had problems in the past with the weatherboards. Could have been the wrinkles got ironed out because I’ve never had any issues.

Jeremy – Contractor – from Pennsylvania in 2009