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Our cedar shingle siding pictures and photos page provides great images of both replacement siding and new construction siding. Scroll down to see vinyl cedar shingle siding pictures, photos and images.

Cedar Shingle Siding Pictures And Photos

Cedar shingle siding cost is more expensive than vinyl but much less than stone and brick.

cedar shingle siding

A 1500 sq. ft. home would cost between $5,250 and 9,750 to clad in cedar shingles.

Cedar shingle siding can create a distinction and beautiful exterior for homeowners.

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Additional Cedar Shingle Siding Pictures

Cedar is a great material for cladding, if you accept the maintenance needed and understand that the cladding will last 15-20 years.

Cedar shingle siding is less expensive than with heavier materials such as brick, stone or fiber cement siding.

With proper maintenance, cedar shingle siding can last up to 20 years and will make a home look very unique.