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Our cedar shake siding pictures page consists of photos and images of residential homes which have utilized this exterior cladding. Scroll down and see all the cedar shake siding photos and description and explanation of some of the more important aspects of this cladding.

Cedar Shake Siding Pictures

cedar shake siding pictures

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages for many homeowners is its distinctive and attractive appearance. This rustic and natural looking cladding differs from cedar shingle siding in several important ways, while costs are nearly identical

cedar shake siding photos

This cladding differs from shingles in that shakes are more rustic, grooved and not uniform in thickness, usually ½” – ¾” thick at butt. There are two types of shakes however – hand-split shakes are less uniform and more rustic looking, while taper-sawn shakes look more like a shingle because they are more refined.

cedar shake siding images

Entry To Mid Range Costs: $3.50 – $5.00 psf
Each square (100 ft.) will cost between $350 and $500.

Mid To High Range Costs: $5.00 – $6.50 psf
Each square (100 ft.) will cost between $500 and $650.

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Additional Cedar Shake Pictures

cedar shake pictures

This cladding has amazing charm, especially for homeowners who love natural wood siding. It can augment architectural details of a home through the use of eyebrow dormers, sweeping buttresses, arched buttresses and rolling shingle corners.

cedar shake cladding

A natural wood cedar shake siding looks great on homes in rural areas, as well as those in the urban jungle.This natural appearance is important for homeowners who place a high value on integrating the look of the outdoors into their homes.

cedar shake siding

Wood siding is a good insulation for a home in siding has wonderful insulating properties homes which have cedar shake siding effectively contain the heat in the winter months and keep the house cool during the summer.

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