Aluminum Siding Pictures

Our aluminum siding pictures page provides not only images and photos of residential homes, but also text that details some of the basics, costs and benefits of using this cladding. Aluminum siding can be an excellent cladding option that can make a home appear very modern and contemporary.

Aluminum Siding Pictures

aluminum siding pictures

Aluminum siding is a versatile and durable material that can add distinction and appeal to any home. It is available in a large variety of siding colors to reflect homeowner’s taste and style, lasts a long time and requires very little maintenance.

aluminum siding photos

Aluminum siding became much more popular after World War II as the material became abundant and the costs decreased. In addition to a wide number of colors to choose from, the material is available in a number of textures that include smooth and wood grain embossed.

aluminum siding images

Entry To Mid Range: $5.00 – $6.50 psf
Expect to pay $500 to $650 per square foot installed.

Mid To High End: $6.50 – $8.00 psf
Expect to pay $650 to $800 per square foot installed.

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Additional Aluminum Siding Pictures

aluminum pictures

The material is a very good insulator, certainly more so than vinyl. It also offers solid protect as it is waterproof and fireproof and not susceptible to termite damage or rotting like wood siding. In addition, it will not rust like other metals can.

aluminum cladding

This cladding can lower heating and cooling cost due to the great insulation that it provides. While the initial up front costs may be higher with this material, over time you can certainly make up for at least a portion of this in the money you save on heating and cooling your home.

aluminum siding

This material has an enamel coating which is baked onto the exterior. The coating can either be shaped or flat, which each provides a distinct look such as the embossed wood surface.