Best Vinyl Siding

Choosing the best vinyl siding for your home can be a difficult decision. They each have different strengths and weaknesses, so understanding what each of the top siding manufacturers has to offer helps you to narrow down your options.

“Deciding on the best vinyl siding depends on your home. Some regions will demand different features, and some lots are more protected than others. Taking the time to find the right choice for your property will help to ensure an energy efficient and attractive home.”

Selecting The Best Vinyl Siding

Different brands of vinyl siding will have different features. Some are better at preventing energy loss due to heat transfer. Others are more damage resistant, deter bugs and pests, or are specifically designed to weather high winds. They will all come in a different variety of vinyl siding colors, textures, and patterns. Certainly one is right for you.

This brand is made with TrueComfort vinyl. With an inch of contoured polystyrene foam insulation, this siding is impact resistant and durable. It allows moisture to escape, helping to prevent mold and mildew. It comes in a variety of colors and styles, including clapboard and Dutch finishes. Find out more on CertainTeed Vinyl Siding.

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This company makes a Polar Wall system that features a laminated polystyrene backing, which helps to reduce energy loss and gives greater impact resistance. This siding is usually seen in a cedar wood-grain finish and either a clapboard or Dutch lap. Explore Norandex Siding.

James Hardie
One of the most well known brands, Hardie planks are made prefinished fiber cement siding and come in more colors and styles than most materials. This siding may last longer than many other types and stands up well. Find out more on James Hardie Siding.

InsulSiding, made by RMC, is an insulated vinyl siding that comes in a variety of styles. It has a lifetime warranty and is treated with Perform Guard to help deter termites and carpenter ants. Explore RMC vinyl siding.

Shakertown makes the Craftsman 1-Course Cedar Panels. Concealed nailing and overlocking joints provide a seamless look and reduce material waste. They come in several shades, including natural and primed white.

Heartland Building Products
CedarMAX Thermal Siding has a foam backing for increased impact resistance and is treated with Perform Guard to repel termites and carpenter ants. It withstands winds of over 165 mph. More on Heartland vinyl siding.

ABTCO makes ColorSlide, a prefinished siding that comes in several styles and colors. It’s primary feature is an interlocking self-aligning system for easy installation. Discover ABTCO Siding.

Available in both stained and primed boards, the Sierra Premium Shake is made of fiber-cement. Finishes that mimic mahogany, maple, cedar, and redwood are available. The stains bring out grooves and enhance the natural wood appearance. Find out more on Nichiha siding.

Solid-core insulated siding, CraneBoard Double 7 is Energy Star Certified. Is is designed to be extremely impact resistant and withstand heavy winds. Find out more on Crane siding.

Alside has several siding collections. A variety of colors, textures, and trim options make it one of the more aesthetically versatile materials. The low-gloss dark colors are engineered to protect from UV rays, heat, humidity, and acid rain. Explore Alside siding.